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Together We Can (40x50 inches) 

Mixed Media Tapestry 2018

Working with the Ami Wolsey 5th Grader class at Singapore American School, this tapestry was created to bring awareness to the amount of plastic that is choking up our oceans & the fact that we need to come together as protectors of the ocean to clean it up, rather than continue to destroy it. 150 hours were donated by Art&SOUL in the creation of this art piece to raise money for the school via the SAS International Fair Silent Auction. The braiding work, little sea creatures & slogans created by the 5th graders are featured on this art piece.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a creative, forward-thinking group of kids!

The Process

225 man hours & 4 steps to create such a special collaborative piece of statement art.  The process required a brainstorming session with the 5th graders to find out what they are passionate about & create a title for the art piece; a braiding session; a creation of sea creatures session; & finally Art&SOUL finalizing the braiding and bringing all the tapestry elements together.

The SAS 5th graders of Ami Wolsey's class were separated into 3-strand and 4-strand groups with 3m long strands of various materials.  Braiding was a bold step for some and second-nature for others.  Given the time limitations much of the braiding was completed by Art&SOUL off-site.

A second session was then held with the SAS 5th graders in Ami Wolsey's class to make the sea creatures making the request for help to be saved from the plastic.  Armed with glue guns the volunteers helped the 5th graders create their sea-critters.

Once the braiding & sea-creature creation was complete, Art&SOUL laid out all the braids to ensure that a visual balance was achieved in the final tapestry.  The braids were then hand-sewn onto calico, with the sea creatures and statement slogans placed on top.