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Art & Soul - Victoria's Bio

Victoria was born in Australia and lived on an island off the coast of Queensland for most of her childhood.  Taking a boat to school each day, there was something in the rawness of life that she experienced, owning a horse, running her own ballet school since age 11, & living in a small community.  Growing up unencumbered by city life and all its demands, there was an element of freedom unparalleled. 

Having earned 3 bachelor degrees in Economics, Accounting & Computer Science, Victoria worked for years in the banking industry as a risk manager.   In 2012 Victoria left the banking industry to focus on arts, first in interior design & then painting.

Victoria has always been interested in the arts, writing poetry & music.  Dancing since 3 years old and taking oil painting lessons at age 5 with her Mom was the start of a fire that built to a passion and respect for the arts over the years.   There are a number of realism works that Victoria completed in oils, watercolors, & graphite in her earlier career with her focusing now on a more abstract contemporary style using acrylic paint.